Announcing sailfishos:chum

Well, I managed now to download it by randomly tapping fields, but installation fails. I use SFOS on XA2 Ultra

I have reuploaded RPMs to Google Drive.

Do you have the sailfishos-chum installed? You can find an RPM in this thread or at OBS.

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Done) Check my original comment.


Actually I don’t. I did not realize that this is required seperately. I’ll give it another try

I tried again and it’s working now. I see the available apps in chum GUI and can install apps. Thank you!

Thank you very much for it! Looks like integration plans with OpenRepos is stalling a bit and this is a very welcome addition.

We can make the repo at github for you at Chum org, just let us know the preferred name. sailfishos-chum-gui? Or something else, as just “gui”?

I presume you pull info from what was written in the SPEC. Great push to make sure that this info is adequate. :slight_smile:


I have no preference here. The only thing I can say - when cloning a repository just “gui” may be unclear.

Yes, only that is PackageKit::Transaction::GetDetails provides in its response.

I thought about it too :slight_smile:


Here you go:

You should have invite in your mailbox as well :slight_smile: . Looking forward!

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I created a submit request to chum:testing. Not sure if I did everything right

It is all in, but failing due to missing dependencies. See build logs at chum:testing

(writing just in case if @piggz hasn’t written already)

I have added you also as a maintainer of Show sailfishos:chum:testing / sailfishos-chum-gui - SailfishOS Open Build Service . This allows you to test the builds against Chum targets.

When you feel it is ready (compiles on all versions that you wish to support), please submit it to sailfishos:chum from :chum:testing. Then we can promote it to the regular chum repository.

Thank you for your work!

Check this Sailfish OS Chum installation :wink:


@mentaljam ~ I’ve followed your instructions, Chum is installed and can open it, header shows ‘Chum’ title under it says ‘Available packages’, tried reloading…but list is empty and remains empty, what am I doing wrong here?, I must have missed something…?

Try run in terminal

pkcon refresh

As for now Chum GUI lacks in features like automatic repository update or even manual update.


Doh!, good ol’ pkcon refresh! could I have forgotten that one!

Chum list now populated, thanks.


The page is now available at The sources are at


Sites moved? I’m getting a 404.

EDIT: Start at the END. Duh. Looked. Up. Thanks!

As from SailfishOS 4.3, I can’t see any available packets in chum-gui. It’s just an empty page. Reinstall didn’t help.

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Same for me.

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Its not yet officially supported for 4.3. You can try manually downloading packages from repo and install local.

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