Announcing sailfishos:chum

And if you got the Python stuff packed, I’m happy to have a look on it and hopefully get my python dependencies also packaged for my project here/here. Somehow I’m lost with that, so help is still welcome there!

Sure ting :slight_smile: For the moment, I’m cheating by simply unpacking the wheel files and using / abusing :

equals(QT_ARCH, arm64): {
  python.files = lib/arm64/*
  DISTFILES += lib/arm64/PIL/* \
  message("!!!architecture aa64 detected!!!");
python.path = "/usr/share/harbour-simplecrop/lib"
INSTALLS += python

The advantage to this approach is that I ‘KNOW’ that this library works with this version of SFOS and this version of the app. But it’s a lot of work to keep it up-to-date. And it’s not very secure if the library in question takes user/external input.

As a small milestone, there are now 100 packages available in chum: :slight_smile:


I only had time to reconnect to the forums and only discovered chum in the community now, but…
Finally something like F-Droid or like bioconda that some of us (including my self) were hoping for!


Thank you guys for starting this!
(Instantly switching as many of the package I was getting from openrepos as possible)


Cool project! I’ve submitted one of my applications, Audio Output Chooser, as well, to test it out!


which network and channel?

oftc, #sailfishos

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Submitted a couple packages that I find useful & hope others might find useful as well:


We (me and @piggz) are supposed to make a list of current apps available in Chum. Just got busy with other things and hoped that OpenRepos integration will kick off making that work redundant. As the integration is stalling, maybe should revisit the list generation in the near future.


Possibly silly question:

At what point does Chum become something that’s impacts the day-to-day experience of average Joe SFOS user?

Context - I did at one point over two years ago go through the shenanigans of getting Open Repos installed, but six months later some SFOS update broke compatibility, and in the two years since i haven’t noticed its absence. But… i [might] have noticed that absence if rectifying matters was a quick fix that immediately brought greater utility into my daily smartphone usage.

The idea sounds good but what I’m afraid of is fragmentation. We had the Jolla Store, then Openrepos, now this. I’ve noticed many users, including myself, are at least partly technical people so we could swallow it. However, regular owners would be extremely confused which is bad for the popularity of the platform. Could this new store perhaps supersede instead of complement Openrepos?

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A “good” idea would be to have Jolla allow for chum to be activated through the setting in the phone (Untrusted Software) and NOT allow for a gui so that you somehow know what you should do with the command line in order to install stuff.

But i doubt this would be popular with Jolla.

Fragmentation is a problem and the main cause of it is that Jolla hasn’t found a way to work with the community on the OS. Hence multiple “stores”, multiple solutions to functionality and other issues. And the result of that is an OS that is inferior to what it could have been.


I wonder if I am the only one who gets certificate expiration error while opening and other urls at that site. This happens both in Desktop Firefox and Chromium. Viewing the certificate shows that expiration was at 30.8.2021.


Certificates have changed together with URLs. Use

and similar


@jemmjemm fixed now… but better to use the new urls as @rinigus says

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Is that open repos integration tracked somewhere?

Yes, at OpenRepos and Chum integration

Hello everybody!

I’ve made a very basic app for the Chum. As for now it only lists all available packages*, visualizes package details and has a menu entry to install a package. I haven’t published the sources yet because I think the repo should be in the sailfishos-chum org.

Don’t forget to install sailfishos-chum first!

Please, let me know if this app is in demand. I can’t say I could spend a lot of time on this, but it could be a good start :slight_smile:

* All installed packages are omitted until an update is available - the PackageKit feature.



Very cool! Could you please provide an aarch64 build too?

That’s really nice, but you’re online-storage is in russian, and I don’t even manage to download the package due to for me incomprehensible buttons, so I can’t test it