Announcing sailfishos:chum

Indeed, some kind of API or, probably best, integration with OpenRepos is needed. We don’t have any metadata exported from chum yet nor ability for users to comment on software.

In principle, we can add metadata to packages, probably add some webhooks to make integration possible on OBS side. How to integrate it with OpenRepos, I don’t really know nor would have time to look into in the foreseeable future. That could be a project for someone to figure out. But it would make sense when we get more software covered in Chum.

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My dictionary says for ‘chum’:

Deutsch English
Kumpel {m}; Kamerad {m} chum; brotha; homeboy; homie [slang]
Spezi {m} [ugs.] pal; chum [coll.]
sich mit jdm. anfreunden {vr} to chum up to sb.; to cotton to sb. [Am.] [coll.]

So it means something like ‘good friend’, i think that’s OK.


Its just a name FFS. You might find out in the future that it means something vulgar in an african dialect or something. Who cares as long as its useful.


No criticism from my end. Good initiative! And somewhat cool that there is a fish-related meaning to the name.

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I just need to drop a reference to git here :slight_smile: :

“git” could also be used as an insult. Or it’s the name of a nice version control system.

See last paragraph of git/ at 6081d3898fe5e33e739cc0771f6df102b30b1db6 · git/git · GitHub


FYI When it was created (alongside SFOS release I definitely intended it to refer to the bloody chunks you throw to the sharks/testers :wink: : it’s a bit nautical and there’s a feeling of a feeding frenzy when new code comes out. Also back in Maemo days there was a sense of risk about the Extras repository and that’s here too.

And it definitely meant “Friend” :smiley:



Since I installed this (see above), my phone needs 3-5 seconds every time I want to wake it up from standby, pushing the power button.

There was no working app installed as I installed this .rpm . How can I remove it, till a working version is available?

I don’t see how a single INI SSU configuration file can change your device wakeup from suspend. I expect that reasons for should be somewhere else and unrelated to that package.

To uninstall, run in the terminal as root:

zypper rm sailfishos-chum

Unfortunately, you would hit then bug Ssu features are not updated on removal of the settings files which requires to some additional manual intervention for full removal.

I will write down later tonight uninstall instructions.

Thank you @rinigus , a reboot did it. So everything is OK.


@rinigus I wonder if Appstream with its standardized metadata would help? Id est, if chum could expose Appstream compatible files that are generated from data and|or templates that are provided by devs. And this data could be used by OpenRepos or whatever other GUI frontend for installation. Only comments would not be covered in this case.

We would still need to submit Appstream data somewhere. And from filling Appstream files for Flatpak/Pure Maps and OSM Scout Server I remember a pain dealing with them and passing through all kinds of checks. Wasn’t something I will enjoy to ask others to do…

Some kind of overview is surely needed, we are already at 57 packages in chum and a list of available apps would be great to have. We have an issue opened for generation of such list. Would be great to integrate with OpenRepos somehow or get GUI with PackageKit support (suggestion above by @mentaljam), but I am not sure we can do it all with @piggz. So, help is welcome :slight_smile:


RPMs installing chum repos have been updated and have a workaround against ssu bug that we were hitting. Now, on uninstall chum repos will be removed from your device repos as well. That does not extend to apps installed from chum, those stay intact.


The bug with the delay on waking up the device is gone after a reboot. Device is now working fine again. The sailfishos-chum-0.1.0-1.2.1.jolla.noarch.rpm is still installed.

But I have no idea how I can install apps from chum now. There is no new app on the app grid, after installing the chum rpn. Will there be a new shop app? (found nothing searching for chum on Jolla store & Openrepos/Storeman) Or must Chum apps be installed by CLI? Is an app list and/or descriptions available? Do I have to wait till a shop app is available?

Re installation of the software: right now, only CLI is available. You have to install as root using zypper or pkcon - on your preference. Pretty much as on regular Linux PC.

Re shop all: There is no shop app for now and I don’t know whether anyone is working on it.

Re package list: we will have to generate and make it available for users. So far, the best list we can offer is at OBS . This lists apps and libraries together.

As you can see, there is clearly room for improvement


I am English. It is fine for a name. Chum is a bit old fashioned and sounds American to me but, for British natives, it definitely means friend.

I trust you guys. Keep OpenRepos going until you’ve got an almost-as-friendly app replacement. Piggz could make the aim a bit clearer in his first post eg as a non-developer, this is meaningless to me: “Chum differs to OpenRepos and Jolla Store by providing reproducible builds, from
source, against all available SailfishOS releases and all available architectures.”


And, as lbt pointed out, jolla’s investment in infra (obs build system, for instance) is predicated on the community using it …

errrr, maybe they meant, churning the waters? I’ve got a lot of chummy chums!

EDIT: aha, chum is also ‘fish bait’. second sense at: chum | Origin and meaning of chum by Online Etymology Dictionary

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Ok. First three apps submitted. I’ll get to the rest soon.

One question. I intend to keep to my workflow of compiling and testing locally, releasing on github and submitting to store and open repos. This shouldn’t matter to chum, should it? It’s just redundant but, since releases tagged on github are the common factor, shouldn’t really matter? Might mean that people alternately:

  1. Install from harbour front
  2. Update repos
  3. get a more fresh package from chum while a package is in QA at harbour?

EDIT and question 2: does obs deal with stuff like:

# >> install post
install -D -t %{buildroot}/%{_datadir}/%{name}/lib/ \
    %{_libdir}/ \
    %{_libdir}/ \
    %{_libdir}/ \
    %{_libdir}/ \
    %{_libdir}/ \
    %{_libdir}/ \
# << install post


would be nice if you update the link to the chum.rpm to get the repository installled. There is a new version and the link in the #1 post gets a ‘not found’ only. May be better use a -latest instead of version number.