Announcing Chum Web

Chum Web is a website where you can browse through all apps available available in the Chum repository!

It could be useful for when browsing for apps on a web browser, linking to apps in a website/forum/chat or convincing non-Sailfish OS users on what cool apps they are missing out on! :wink:

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please leave them below or create an issue on the GitHub page.


It’s great that this site lists recently updated apps, so there’s a chance to discover some unrecognised jewels.
I’m missing that in the app.


Is it just my firefox (desktop 115.5.0esr) setup, where the site is not responsive?
Works fine in other browsers.

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Works fine for me in LibreWolf 112.0.1-2


Yes, for me to, but problem is Firefox. :wink:

Works fine on my firefox. Mine is version 120.0.1 though - it might make a difference but I doubt it.

OK, thanks. Guess I’ll have to debug my Firefox setup.

So welcome! Thank you for your work

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It’s perfect. I love the design, the simplicity. It’s also responsive aka mobile friendly.

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I can’t reproduce it on either the Sailfish OS browser or Firefox 119. Could you perhaps send me a screenshot of how the page looks? It would be interesting to see if I accidentally missed a very specific screen size or other kind of browser configuration.

Unrelated thought: I did not test the website on a Chromium-based browser. I hope it works well on there.

Here’s a screen shot. The whole site is ‘one-size-only’, also in debug mode with default settings and no extensions. This goes for desktop Firefox 115.5.0esr only. All other browsers I’ve tested, it’s responsive and OK.

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To be informed of updates or new apps, automatically, I’d be great to have an RSS feed that informs on recently updated apps.


Awesome, thanks! Btw how are you getting the recently updated? Thought chum doesn’t support it, maybe chum-gui could pull that info from here (though it’s probably convoluted way of doing it)


Chum Web directly reads the repository information (e.g. instead of relying on PackageKit, which in turn uses libzypp to read the repository information.

Chum Web reads the file modification date of a package, which I suspect to be the date that the package is published to the repository. The file modification is then used to estimate the update time.

<metadata xmlns="" xmlns:suse="" xmlns:rpm="" packages="1331">
    <package type="rpm">
        <!-- most properties omitted -->
        <time file="1694576425" build="1694576388"/>
    <!-- Packages omitted -->

This update time is in no way perfect, because when a new repository is created for a new Sailfish OS version, every package gets build again and will therefore be published with the same time.

As for the Chum GUI: I suspect the information goes missing in one of the libraries/abstraction layers.


There should be two feeds now: