Android version in Xperia 10 / SFOS

I installed the latest version this morning but the Android version still seems to be 9 (Pie) with API level 28. I even uninstalled Android support, restarted the phone and downloaded/installed android again but the version remains 9. Is there something I missed and should have done?

Can you tell what version you have as rpm?

$ rpm -q aliendalvik-system

On my XA2, that was just updated but not rebooted, I seem to have 10.

Also, how did you determine your version?

My rpm says aliendalvikĀ“-system is
[nemo@Xperia10-DualSIM ~]$ rpm -q aliendalvik-system

I determined the android level by checking from AIDA64. Not the correct way, I guess but that was the only one I could figure out.

You need to check the android runtime version from an android app.

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There are both Android and Sailfish version of AIDA64. Thus, to see Android details run Android version.