Android support without separate folder

I am considering installing Android support. Is it actually possible to suppress the installation of a separate “home/…/android_storage” folder? In my opinion, the /Home folder would be much clearer without a separate Android folder

I suspect this is done to deprive Android and its spyware of personal data created through Sailfish.

It has its downsides, not least the confusion. The other one is that it’s very difficult to access most files when you want to through eg an Android browser.

Pretty much everything is modifiable on Sailfish though you might have to modify the Android container itself.

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Do you just want to unclutter your home folder? Or something more?

The scripts in /usr/libexec/appsupport/ should provide a starting point for OP.

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As a feature request, I think it would be good to be able to access SF root from Android’s root. Due to spyware on and in Android, this should be controlled tightly and require user approval each time.