Android Support stopping when Android Apps using location are being used

When ever I use HereWeGo or SportsTracker for a sustained period of time Android App Support stops working.

Device; Xperia 10iii running with Android App Support enabled and running MicroG.

I have only noticed the problem after the phone screen has timed out and I “wake” the phone up to see the screen. It would seem, though I cannot be absolutely sure about this, that the problem is related to the phone screen timing out or the phone “going to sleep”.

When I go back to the the app, (HereWeGo or SportsTracker) there is a message saying the app will be available after the Android Support App has launched. Note; I have not closed the app, it has been left running in the background and the app tile is still shown on the screen as an active app when I “wake” the phone up, it just not doing anything as the Android Support App has stopped.

It’s a small nuisance when HereWeGo stops as once restarted it can be set to continue the route but with SportsTracker it stops tracking. While you have a record of the portion of your exercise up until it stopped there is nothing after that which kind of defeats the purpose of recording the exercise.

I have checked for things like battery management and cannot find any setting which might be causing my problem.

Tonight I have updated to but there’s nothing I can see in the release notes that relates to my issue.

Does anyone one have any ideas?


Hello, I also have this problem but I couldn’t find a solution, if it solved your problem, post the solution here

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I have the same problem too

I have no solution as yet. The problem is still happening. Hopefully others will report this issue and Jolla will be able to find a solution.

It has only been a problem on my Xperia 10iii. I haven’t had this issue on my 32 bit Xperia phones running Sailfish.

The other difference is I never ran Micro G on theses phone either.

What phone are you using? Are you running Micro G?

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My phone is Xperia 10III with sailfish OS version, and I’m running Micro G.

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I have xperia 10ii and MicroG. I stopped trying to use Android navigation when I always had to reboot the phone. After a cup of coffee it never started working again. Not once.
It seems like random processes are killed for memory. A Doom game running in phone :wink:
Now I’m seriously thinking if android would serve me better.

Hello everyone, I think I managed to get the Android GPS app working. I tested it on the Trackbook app for 27 hours and it didn’t fail, I tested it on the Sports Tracker app for 16 hours and it didn’t fail, I tested it on the Relive app for 6 hours and it didn’t fail.
Solution before turning on the app, turn off the location, run the app for a few seconds and then turn on the location, it worked for me. As I said previously, I use the Xperia 10III sailfish
Test it and post your comments here so others can see if it worked.

Hey, I understand that you’re experiencing an issue with Android App Support stopped when using HereWeGo or SportsTracker for a sustained period of time on Xperia 10iii. This can be frustrating, especially for apps like SportsTracker where it can interrupt your workout tracking.

You understand correctly and yes, it us very frustrating.

Do you have this problem too?

Can you offer any help?

I use TomTom’s Amigo and I don’t have big issues even with long trips. It’s true that sometimes it restarts, but it’s rather rare. I have a 10III, and I remember it was happening more frequently with my old 10II. Might be a memory issue since the 10III has more memory.

@ckonte are you running Micro G?

No I’m without MicroG

I’m suspicious Micro G might be part of the issue.

Have you tried turning off the location after running the App and after the app is running, turning the location back on?
It works for me and I no longer have this problem.
It seems weird but it works for me

I do not use any more trackers than useful for me but I do use Here Wego for short and long rides by car.

I experienced some crashes of the Android environment.
Restarting the Android layer fixes the problem.
Here uses a lot of memory and in earlier years these crashes were more frequent esp.with the Xperia X and later as well as lesser with the XA2.

I guss it is a memory issue.

10 III,