Android support on second user


When I create a second user I don’t have acces to aliendalvik, how to run it ?

Have you logged into a Jolla account associated with a valid licence for Android AppSupport? I suspect that you also need to install the Android AppSupport from Jolla Store after that. The new user is completely separate and thus you need to add accounts, install stuff etc. separately as well.

As multiuser was released, I tested it and I remember that Android App Support is (was) limited to the main user.

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Android AppSupport is already installed on my main user and work, when I create a new user, no android appsupport, no jollastore available


Thank you for this clear answer :slight_smile:

In a way, it is very interresting not to have Android App support on secondary user.
As the amount of data that android apps have access to, is not always easy to figure and as the privacy feeling is fragilized by it (for me, at least),
I found very nice having an user whom Android has no access at all.
I’m using secondary for everything and primary user only for some android apps.

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