Android apps not working because there are no google apps! -> Firebase Cloud Messaging?

I have a XA2 (Single Sim) with SFOS I bought full version with android support and I’m using SFOS allready for some years. Allready some years ago I installed microG to get Google Cloud Messaging.

Last months I noticed that there are more android apps not working:

How to get better Google Play Service support? Is maybe the problem that there is no Firebase Cloud Messaging support at SFOS?? Are there any plans for Firebase Cloud Messaging??

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I hit this a while ago. You need to go into the microg settings and enable cloud messaging, then a bunch of things will magically start to work.


Thanks tekktonic for your fast response. But cloud messaging is allready active. It shows 16 registered apps using cloud messaging.

Is “Settings / Android App Support / Disable Android App Support system package verification” still activated?

The option “Disable Android App Support system package verification” is deactivated.

I ran into problems after updating MicroG to version Found out I had to enable “Disable Android App Support system package verification” again.
This is poorly worded and I understand that there could be confusion about it. Hence the attached screenshot.

/edit Forgot to mention: after changing MicroG settings, you realy should reboot!

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I have a phone with german user interface. This option is also in german poorly worded. So I simply checked the option as you recomended. But there was still this error. So I rebooted my phone and now every thing is working great!! teilauto, Flightradar24 and Pl@ntNet is working without errors.

Thanks allot!!

Glad to hear MicroG is functioning properly again. Thanks for your response, regards!