Android apps all show inverted colours

OS VERSION: Struven Ketju
HARDWARE: Sony Xperia 10 II


As the title suggests, I have 2 Android apps on my Sony Xperia; Here Maps and Whatsapp. Both apps are showing all UI colours are inverted (negative).


Have an Android app on your device, preferably Whatsapp or Here Maps


Open Whatsapp or other Android application and check the UI colours


My Dark Theme to still be in use (Also with Here Maps) or at least be able to switch back to my desired theme.


UI colours are all inverted despite Ambience (light or dark)



I have What’s App installed and changing the Ambience doesn’t have any impact despite I set “follow System colours” in What’s App v.

I know ambience has no impact, that’s why I noted it.

I do not have “follow system colours” option in Whatsapp. Only option is “Chats - Theme, wallpapers, chat history”, but these settings are switched, dark become light, light becomes dark.

So you don’t have these options?

Sorry, yes, your choice of wording threw me. I have those options, as I already said, Light turns everything dark and vice-versa, no difference, i cannot get normal UI colours.

Ok. I’m missing something. Do you have any customization or something which could modify this behaviour? On my side, if light is set, the app stay light.

No, no mods, no patchmanager, just vanilla SFOS.

Whatsapp version is, also Here Maps is doing the same things, but SFOS apps are not affected.

What happens if you update What’s App?

Haven’t tried. Just uninstalled it and then discovered that we cannot download Whatsapp directly any more, we have to go to Google Play Store, if I recall correctly, Play Store and SailfishOS do not mix.

Luckily, I saved a Whatsapp APK on my device, it says…as before.

I installed it from Aurora Store.

I’ve tried everything I can, removal, restart, etc, still UI colours are inverted and theme selection yields opposite results. Trying to use Here Maps is like being on acid.

Aurora store?, hmmmm, repacked APK’s?, no thanks.

On desktop I see a ‘Package Installer’ link on here that downloads an apk.

Some screenshots of the weird theming might be helpful.

UI colours are inverted - why are images needed to see Whatsapp UI inverted?

With Dark Theme selected, I get this;

With Light Theme selected, I get this;

As stated earlier, I get the opposite, but neither of these options yield normal UI colours.

There’s a little accessibility guy in the navbar there. What’s he doing there?

Is it something to do with this?

I got it. He enabled the option Colour inverted in the android settings. Open Android Settings->Help operation (3rd last from the bottom) and Colour inverted.

I just found that while trying to get that little guy to appear. How do you do that by accident?

@abranson I think that little guy icon appeared when I installed Google Translate app.

@pherjung - I changed nothing, all I did was update the OS. I cannot follow your instructions for some reason…think I’m going low blood sugar, literally. I cannot find options you mention.

Glad it’s fixed anyway! I wonder if Google Translate did something to turn that on. Let’s see if it happens to anyone else.

Fixed?, not for me it isn’t.