Android App support not shown in store

Sailfish on Xperia XA2 does not show Android App Support, although a valid and activated license is registered. In the device is listed with correct IMEI, but no serial number is shown (SN is not shown for another device, nevertheless aliendalvik works on that one).

Remove and install of package feature-alien did not change anything (as suggested in FAQ).
did aks for login data again which successfully recreated the storedkeys.ini. Thus login and device registration seems to work.

Is there a way to make aliendalvik and the predictive keyboard package show up in store?

Btw. the update to was not shown in settings, a manual update in CLI was successful.

Maybe you can try reflashing SFOS, here you can find whatever version do you need GitHub - black-sheep-dev/sailfish-os-torrents: Collection of torrent files for older Sailfish OS releases.

Sorry, that was stupid - the device is registered and activated, but there was no license for it.
From the devices list in it is not visible, whether a device is actually bound to a license or not. After buying a new one it works almost instantly.
Thanks for the great work.