Android App Support not showing up in Store, fresh install, XA2,

After a fresh Sailfish install on an XA2 (H3113) the Android App Support is not
showing up for installation in the Sailfish store.

The underlying Android is version 9. Is it necessary to downgrade the Android to 8.1?

No, that issue has nothing to do with the underlying Android baseband. Android 9 is good.

You need to activate the Sailfish X licence on your XA2. This happens by signing in from XA2 to the same Jolla account that you used for buying the licence for your XA2. A restart of the device may be needed, too.
Once done, you will see Android App Support in Jolla Store.


Yes, as you said already here.

Ok, understand. I have bought a XA2 full license two years ago and have now installed with this license Sailfish on a second phone. I logged in with my valid credentials. So does this mean I have to buy a second license and can’t transfer / use this license on two phones?

Found it out myself. Reading helps.

“Hence the licence is valid on one device and one Jolla account.”

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