Android App Support does not show up Xperia XA2

I am already using Sailfish on my old XA2 but after this device is broken I bought a new one and I also bought a new Sailfish License, but if I install sailfish on this new device the android support does not show up. So what did I wrong?

Are you sure you checked the jolla store? Just today i bought my licence (10 plus though) and i just went into the jolla store right after and it showed up there.

but i did do this after i installed the demo

Yes Iam sure the AndroidTM-App is not there. Is it possible that I have, for any reason; the free jolla version?

You do have two licenses under ?
And only two X devices ?


  • configure the Jolla account on the new device
  • open the Jolla store
  • reboot (important)
  • open the Jolla store
    and check again if Android support is offered to you.

If not I am afraid you need to contact
Jolla care via

it does not matter what you flashed to the device. It is just a matter of getting the Jolla account (license) aware of this device.

Thanks for Information, looks like I have to contact
Yes I have just two devices and also two licences…

It happened to me several times. I even had to insist, because they didn’t read my request and answered meaningless things like, I would have to buy a license. But apart from that, no real trouble.