Android App Stores Aurora / APKPure - Format/Version issue?


i am a little confused about all the app stores - and how they “select” the correct version.
Xperia 10I user here.
Aurora Store told me “update for Trello” available - i did an Update, app did not work anymore - it did not start, “error while parsing” after the first start. The next start is just an emtpy box where the running app should be. (2022.4 17039-production) target SDK 31. In Aurora Store is used “kirin-default Sony API29, armeabi-v7a, aremabi”

Going to APKpure - i have the same version, I install it. Start it and its working.

If i visit APKPure store on the desktop i can see that there are different versions for one release available. Some “XAPKS” with different architectures and an “APK”.

This is not just for Trello, some other Apps - e.g. “DB Navigator” and “LIDL Connect” had the same issues.

Somebody has an idea how to “know” what to install, or setup the Store that it chooses the correct version?! I don’t understand whats the Problem in the first place - is it “just” an android issue, or does Sailfish play a role here?

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No reply yet - I have used N900, Jolla/Sailfish and have no idea where to start :confused: - maybe I should change the question to:

Is this “normal” Android behaviour and should I search in (ohter) Android forums for an answer?

Lucky user of Xperia 10 III here.
New device - new luck. Aurora manages to install all applications i chose - and most of the work.
Only the issues with warning about jailbreaked/rooted devices so the app won’t start.
I have no clue what 10 I and 10 III do differently, but aurora is workable for me again.