Android-App "Satellite" (works now with

Hi, I want to share my new observation, that the app Satellite by Sipgate works with (This was not possible with I installed Satellite via Aurora-Store).

So you get a second mobil-number without using a second sim-card; perhaps this could help some people, who have actual problems with their second sim-card.

For my professional purpose, it is useful to have a second telephone number, without sharing my privat number.
100 minutes for outgoing calls are free per month, for incoming calls there is no restriction AFAIK.



Thanks very much @Speedy-10 , didn’t know about this ‘Satellite’ service until now.

I’d also like to add that the sipgate people are really nice. The company really gives back (monetarily and with effort) to the community. Worth putting a bit of money into imo.


I installed app 2.4.6.(101115) from Aurora store as recommended, but on my Xperia 10 II quality of connection is poor, permanently with gaps. Any tricks?

Please ensure, that you have a good internet connection. I had good experience with that App with Android 10, since the installation just worked now for the first time with SFOS I have not much experience here.