Android app crash after launch

REPRODUCIBILITY: 100% (always)
HARDWARE: Sony Xperia 10 II - Dual SIM - xqau52 - xqau52 - - aarch64
UI LANGUAGE: Suomi (user: fi_FI, os: fi_FI.utf8)
REGRESSION: yes (since: - n/a)


Fortum app shuts down after launch. Same with stremio and element app


If data is on this happens

STEPS TO REPRODUCE: fortum app from drawer or grid starts
3. App shuts down


App starts


App shuts down


  • Patchmanager: no
  • OpenRepos: yes
  • Chum: yes
  • Other: none specified


If data is on either mobile or wi-fi app wont’ start. But with flightmode ON I can start fortum app and get to the login screen and app stays on. When I start data again app crashes after few (3-5) seconds. Stremio app wont’ start no matter what. It’s crashing just like element app what is mentioned elsewhere
Device Owner User: defaultuser
Home Encryption: enabled

the initial version of this bug report was created using Bugger 0.9.9+git1
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Stop App and empty cache. Retry.
If that does not help: Restart Android support.

No help. Still the same. Fortum stops if data is on, starts if flightmode is on. Can’t login since app needs data. Something has changed from 4.4 to 4.5.