Android and Sailfish Dual Boot or Reverting from Sailfish to Android using mac OS


I am using currently Sailfish X on Sony Xperia 10 III. However, my situation has changed such that I need some applications that Sailfish cannot provide. That’s why I need to switch fully to Android or set up a dual boot.

How can I get Android working again on my Sony Xperia 10 III using mac? I believe I need detailed instructions because I’m not a developer at all. There wasn’t any tutorial for that on the internet.

I would like to set up a dual boot if it doesn’t reduce performance much or change fully to Android. Any help would be super welcome and I’m thankful for that in advance.

The title is a bit misleading, but there it is:

I think you have to choose between this criteria or becoming an advanced user, or “developer” as you put it.

Oh… and dual-booting can’t impact performance. But these phones also really doesn’t have the option.