An other sailfish-browser regression

Startpage image search was already broken since a couple of weeks. Now the web search is broken too. Also with Webcat browser.

Am i wrong, or is it not possible anymore to bookmark a website, but only to pin it to the appgrid!?

Tap the four stripes, and then the star icon shows up again in the bottom bar.

@nthn thanks for the hint, this seems clear but how do you save a bookmark? Before you simply pushed the star next to the url-field. now it appears you can only enter a bookmark by entering the url. Am i mistaking sth?

I don’t get it. You just tap the star and the bookmark is created automatically. If you tap it again the bookmark is removed. I’m pretty sure it works the same way it used to.

There are two stars now. One in the bottom line and one in the menu that pops up.

Tapping on the star in the bottom line creates a bookmark immediately.
Tapping on the star in the popup menu leads to the bookmarks list.

In the bookmarks list you can check if the bookmark is really created, and manage the bookmarks by long tapping on a bookmark.
By long tapping on a bookmark appears a menu where you can share, copy to clipboard, add to app grid, edit and delete it.
Short tap on a bookmark in the list calls it in the currently active browser tab.