An Officially supported Tablet

Tablets are a bit of a controversial topic given the history of the jolla tablet but i think its time to leave that behind and look forward.

I am the first to admit that there are various issues with SFOS that need to be fixed before looking to expand in more form factors but a Tablet is kind of missing.
The thing is though slapping SFOS on crap “easily” available HW won’t cut it. Users deserve something better than that. So having something like what the original tablet was (in terms of performance etc at that time) is out of the question.

My requirements would be:
Something around 11-12 inches.
Pen support that works flawlessly.
If possible no hybris and a modern kernel.
Video out.

Discuss please.


Im quite sure that this would not pay off for jolla. I think its unlikely that it generates many new customers and from the ones already present maybe 20% would buy a license for that.

On the other hand, maybe many people dont want SFOS as a daily driver and would love a usable other device with SFOS in their lives…

Whats the status of community ports there? I guess for a tablet android Support is not as necessary

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I think there were some people running it in x86 touch enabled laptops/2in1s but thats far from calling it a properly supported device. Other than that i haven’t seen any ARM tablet running SFOS (with hybris) in the last 2-3 years.
However as long as its properly supported and “feature complete” CPU architecture doesn’t matter much.

I don’t think asking for official support for this or that device or this or that category of devices is the way to go anymore, now that Jolla’s looking into changing their strategy to allow users to get a license to download the ‘cool’ proprietary parts like Android Support to their community ported devices. They haven’t given an indication as to when we should expect this option to become available, but the way things are going, I think it could already be here (late) next year. Jolla clearly knows this is the way forward.

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An officially supported device isn’t about the closed/lisence bits or android. Is about HW support, issue free experience and about having a whole company behind a product.

I don’t think Jolla have the manpower to build an official device, and then make it SF native at that.

We can see by how long it takes them to release a port each year for the Sony devices how difficult it is for them to make an official release for a new device.

Perhaps there might be scope to do a SF version of any Aurora OS tablet, but I suspect this might be met with suspicion in some quarters.


Some community ports have better hardware support than the officially supported devices, but even so, I estimate about 90% of all people who paid for a Sailfish X license did so mostly or solely to be able to run Android applications.

I know what the community can do but i am also fully aware of what the community cant do (compared to a company).

The topic however isn’t about SW. Its about a modern piece of HW that jolla will choose to back up. Suggestions, feature requests etc.