Amoled-friendly ambiances

Considering there are two officially supported devices (and maybe two more on their way) with AMOLED screens, it would be great if Jolla would make some interesting AMOLED-friendly darker ambiances.

What do you think, folks?




I would use the pure black backgrounds patch and for battery saving a pure black picture and create an ambience out of that.


Thanks for the info, guys. I guess as users, we can make our ambiances, but I was hoping Jolla would create some really cool ones, like they did before (Three, Fire, Water, etc.).

Isn’t the point having a completely black background which will switch off the pixels in question?

Yes…at least from the battery-preserve standpoint.
But if you do that, then you lose the looks (translucency and blur) that are one of SFOS’ most distinctive features.
It’s not an easy task to balans it out and preserve a bit of both worlds.

I made a black screenshot and use this where possible but on this forum the light of my 10 III is hurting my eyes, even with screen on for only one third.

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