Ambiances the missed idea - things for improvement

Tbh since the beginning I found the ambiances a bit confusing. You can change them in the top menu, you can configure in the settings but that’s it. You must do this manually which is counter intuitive at least for me.
I’m falling to understand why it’s done this way and not more tightly integrated with the system.
For example, I’d like to create an atmosphere that would get automatically activated when calendar event occurs. So let’s say I set that I have appointment from 8 do 9 and I did set specific atmosphere to be set during that time which will silence all the sounds, and use only LED notification and maybe vibrations for calls from favorite contacts.

Another one is the night mode. There should be option to pin at least one ambiance to the lock screen so it could be quickly triggered that would again, change sounds etc.
The same is valid for charging the phone, should be possible to specify which atmosphere to activate or do nothing.
Similar for BT headset, Car Headset, etc.
Right now it’s a bit odd it doesn’t work at least with the calendar as I didn’t find any option to set the phone into “meeting state” so all my calls will be rejected or etc.

To sum this up, this request is mean to improve what’s already there but it looks like it’s forgotten and doesn’t make much sense if need to be done manually. Also right now there’s just setting for volume of the ringtone which is again not enough. There should be option to specify that for particular atmosphere I’d like to silence the calls but only get sound from sms. or use only vibrations.