Amazfish on Xperia 10 III SF

I’m thinking about getting a watch but would like to be sure that Amazfish will work well on Xperia 10 III SF version, does anyone know? Also, would you guys recommend Pinetime (60€ in EU) or some new/pre-owned Amazfit watch for the same price?

Works well except calendar titles at the moment. I have a GTR2.

I used previously a Amazfit GTS which worked fine and now i use a Amazfit GTR 42mm (small Version, normal 46mm) which supports almost all important Features like on the GTS, except Uploading new Watchfaces but that seems to be a special thing with the 42mm Varant of the GTR (have smaller Display-Resolution like the normal 46mm Variant, so Amazfish doesn´t reconize it and report a faulty watchface.bin). But its possible to Load a custom Watchface with an Android-App on other Device to it.