Amazfish - new watch support? GTR Mini

Is there any process for assessing the likelyhood of new Amazfish watch support - in the absense of an official thread?
Kind of wondering if it is down to whether the prospect of a new device is attratcive to the developer, i.e. “ooh, that looks like a good one!” Or, whether there is some assessment on how much user interest there is in a new watch…

Either way, looks like there is a new dmsll Amazfish with a decent battery life, and I’m curious if this is a: yes / eventually / maybe / if you do it yourself - situation.

Sorry, but the link you provided says “this page does not exist.”

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Haha, they took that down quick!

But it seems to have been replaced with a new page holding the same info:

Not a full spec list like the other product pages, but it lists some.

“Amazfit GTR Mini
Max Power, Max Style
Slim & Stylish Design with Stainless Steel
120+ Sports Modes & Smart Recognition5 Satellite Positioning Systems24/7 Heart Rate, SpO₂ & Stress Monitoring
15-day Battery Life”

Reasons i like it:
it’s not enormous
it has a 15 days battery life
it’s pretty cheap (SGD$199)
it has the [potential] to work on SFOS