Amazfish and Amazfit GTS2

I bought an Amazfit GTS2, but I was unable to connect it to my xperia 10 II (
Used Amazfish (2.1.2-1.5.1) to connect.

  1. Initially, I connected the watch to Android to get the key from the huami servers. Did as described
  2. I connected the watch to the xperia 10 II, they were determined by Amazfit GTS2, the status is connected.
  3. As root, add the line under the [General]


in /var/lib/bluetooth/[host mac address]/[watch mac address/info, and restart Bluetooth

systemctl restart bluetooth

  1. From chum install Amazfish. Add user settings. Next pair with watch, select Amazfit GTS2, enter auth key - confirm, on the next page “pair device” the clock and the mac address were determined correctly. But there is no connection

Thanks for any help.

GTS2 42mm Owner here:

In my case it helped to pair the Smartwatch in Bluetooth BEFORE starting and Adding it to Amazfit.

Thank you for the reply.

As a result, I managed to connect
Settings->Bluetooth clock is detected immediately.
Amazfish->Selected Device Type->pair device the clock and the mac address were determined correctly. The connection indicator rotates but nothing happens.
I turn off\turn on Bluetooth I switch to Amazfish the watch has synchronized, but they work with a limited set of functions (steps, heartrate).
Amazfish->Selected Device Type is still available to select the watch.
Amazfish->Settings Menu->Debug info no information Model, Firmware Rev, Address, Manufacturer.
After restarting in Amazfish, the clock disappears, you have to repeat everything again.

My problems are rather related to the bluetooth problem in The BT restart utility does not help.

My GTR2 is connected to Amazfish and it works but in “Debugging Info” Model, Firmware Rev and Mannufacturer are also empty.
For the limited set of functions, go to Settings → Device Settings → Huami Display Items and check the items you want (don’t forget to scroll).
I had to try several times to connect my GTR2. Sometimes the “info” files is reset and I have to add again “Appearance=0x0192”.

A big thank you to phklrz.
From the very beginning, I selected all the elements in Huami Display Items.

Sometimes the “info” files is reset and I have to add again “Appearance=0x0192”

something I didn’t expect at all.

apologies for spamming a thread - but is there an [official] thread here in the forum for the Amazfish app?

i haven’t been able to identify one…

basically looking for a thread with an updated first post that recommends where you should get it from (storeman/chum/???), and how you should install configure and connect it (connect via bluetooth first/???), which amazfit watches are supported (gts2/gt4/???), and what changes the app updates bring (SPO2/notifications/???).

does such a thread exist?
(putting this post here rather than creating a new thread lest i create further confusion for users looking for [the] amazfish thread in future)

In Amazfish | — Community Repository System Amazfish from 2.0.3s now ONLY distributed in the “chum” repository!
All information GitHub - piggz/harbour-amazfish: Amazfit Bip support for SailfishOS
I write on the go.

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