Amazfish and Amazfit GTR2

I want to change smart watches.I currently have a Pebble Steel and a Pebble 2. I like the fitness/exercise/health data from the Pebble 2 but it does’t work with Rockpool/Sailfish

I’ve been looking around and quite like the Amazfit GTR models. I see the GTR has “Bronze” support on Amazfish.

Two questions.

What experience have other sailors had with using the GTR wIth Amazfish? Does it work well enough? I don’t need all the functions. Which functions work?

Other than new features and different aesthetics is the GTR 2 compatible with Amazfish to the same degree as the GTR?

Thanks for any help.

I use a GTR and it runs perfectly even though it has Bronze status.
the only thing that does not work is the AGPS download. But otherwise all other data is transferred. I chose the GTR because the battery life is very very good (at least 25 days for me). The GTR 2 has not even half the battery life and Alexa I did not want to have. A the moment with SFOS 4.3, Amazfish has Problems with BT Connention.


Thank you for the reply. That’s great information.

The battery life for the GTR2 is quite acceptable for me. It’s still much longer than the Pebbles I have and I’m more than happy with their battery life.

The GTR2 has SpO2 which I would like and I prefer the look of the GTR 2. I know SpO2 is probably not supported right now on Amazfish but I like the option to be able to have that function in the future.

It’s my guess that the GTR 2 uses the same operating architecture as the GTR but with extra functions added and thus probably will work with Amazfish to the same level of functionality as the GTR. I was hoping someone can confirm or deny that.

Since its supported by GadgetBridge it can probably be added to Amazfish too

And I believe it just landed

Woo Hoo!!! Fantastic news. A big thank you to @piggz. Time to order the GTR2

At the moment the file download does not work with the GTR. Thus, the clock is missing the A-GPS data. That means a GPS fix can take 2-3 minutes.