Alternative to google services and signature spoofing

Many apps require google play services to run. An alternative seems to be the micro-G project. This solution requires signature spoofing to be enabled to properly work.

From this question it appears that enabling signature spoofing is as simple as selecting the “Disable android system package verification” in the android app support settings.

However on the phone I am working with this option does not appear with only the options “Start Android App Support on startup” and “allow android apps to access your contacts” being available. Is this normal and what steps can I take to solve this problem ?

For additional information the phone is an Xperia X single sim, running sailfish os

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Do you have an Xperia X? The link’ve found is not for your device. This option does not exist in the support for Android 4.4. It is only available for the newer devices with Android support version 8 (XA2…).


Ah thank you, the phone is indeed an Xperia X. Time to look for instructions specific for this version then.

I’ve not seen this answer transferred to the new forum, so I paste the link to the old forum instead. This guidline is may a good starting point for microG and Xperia X.


Interesting, thank you. I used this tool for signature spoofing and it worked without any major issues.


In my case (XA2 Ultra), Brave Browser and Bank identification constantly complain about Google Play Services but they run anyway.

Edit: Firefox and BankID also work.

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Thanks for the link. Not easy to find.

Lots of Alien Dalvik stuff is obscure and awkward. Should we not have a Wiki?


It seems Signature Spoofing has been broken on the Android side of Aliendalvik as of (the option doesn’t appear on the “Android Settings”). But many apps still work; is that option still needed after 3.4.x?