"all.vcf" incomplete!?

Dear sailors,

during a test with LineageOS, I intended to transfer the contact data to the new system.
Therefore I copied the “all.vcf” from a Sailfish backup to the new system and then imported it with the “Lineage - Contacts app”.
The process was also completed successfully, but only a part of the existing contacts was adopted.
Thus, the contact details could only be transmitted incompletely.
Of course I can not determine whether this is a “Sailfish bug” (therefore not in the bug category), or whether this behavior is due to lineage.
I still think this problem is worth mentioning, since a contacts export / import should be possible without problems.
Maybe someone has an explanation or even a solution for this phenomenon !?

Greetings and thanks

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Sorry, I have no solution. But regarding to this matter I urgently request a possibility to import/export contact data as simple csv list. This would enable the user to manually save the contact data to the PC or SD card as a backup and restore the data on the phone whenever the user wants to do so.

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Like @Seven.of.nine I don’t have a solution but have experienced the failure of an exported vcf file to be imported elsewhere. For me it was to my Nextcloud contacts. I searched online for a script to split the vcf into individual files (here’s an example of such a program - https://gist.github.com/fabacab/531019dd8a1816fc5968ebb4db3b298b ) and I could then import the contacts singly and fix those that failed.

I also had a program to extract the avatars from the vcf file and imported those too to Nextcloud. It’s a lot of mucking around but now all the contacts are in Nextcloud and that’s where any adding or editing is done.

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@ Seven.of.nine: Thank you for the feedback.
Basically, it shouldn’t be a problem to simply copy the “VCF file” from device to device and then import it with the respective contacts app.
The only strange thing is that only part of the individual contacts were imported.
Unfortunately I do not know whether it is an error during the import on the second device or whether the VCF file that I took from the Sailfish backup is incomplete.
However: I have now entered all missing data by hand.

@toner_cloud: Thanks for the hint.
This procedure is much easier than entering each individual contact. :grinning: