Aliendalvik not running and not showing all buttons (camera etc.)

After re-installing SFOS 4.1 by flashing it again, I have problems with Aliendalvik control by coderus. In the aliendalvik control setting I only see the the button “Downloads”, “Hide” and “Show”. Other butten are not available. When I try to share files/pictures with Android, I get the error message “Aliendavik not running”.

Any ideas how can I fix this?

I got a similar problem while tinkering with the android settings. I managed to make it work again by reverting my settings manually in the xml files at /home/.android/data/system and /home/.android/data/system/users/0
Also moving away the /home/.android folder did make aliendalvik work again. But that of course was not my favoured approach as it completely removes all installed apps.