Alien Dalvik idle Battery consumption

After setting “run Android App Support on startup” i noticed some Android-Tasks or needed Services running in the Background which nearly no noticeable CPU-Usuage but a tiny little Memory consumption (1%). I know there is an option not to start it on reboot/boot, so it will be startet when needed (e.g. starting an Android App) but with some extra seconds to wait for the Android-Framework to be loaded.

So the main question here is:

Is it worth to stop the Android-Support-Task(s) after using and closing an Android-App in order to save some Battery time left or isn´t it really worth it?

I close the Android support when not using an Android app as it seems to increase the idle state battery consumption quite much (XA2 Ultra and 10II). Some uppdates made it worse and some better. made it worse, I think. But then again I do not use Android apps very often. Whether it is worth closing it or not is balancing with what you want (saving battery vs. waiting Android support to open).

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how do you close it?

You can stop Android support in Settings - System - Android Support and then press the Stop-Button on the Bottom-side.

This is temporary until you start an Android-App.

I’m trying to avoid using Android apps. There are enough alternative native apps in the Storeman-Appstore, so i find more and more good replacements for their Android counterparts.

sadly doorbell cam and security cam app are not made for snailfish so I am kind of forced to but I don’t need it on all the time…thank for the instructions

Snailfish, haha, a good laught. But it seems things get optimised and noticeable faster from update to update. And i prefer Security, Privacy and light weight OS instead of pure Speed like on Android.

My roots are Nokia and then Lumia Windows Phone, Sailfish seems to be for me the natural successor of it.

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Ahoy 808,

There are two ways to do it faster: the first one is to put a shortcut for the Android settings in the top menu, you click on it and it gets you in the relative settings submenu. Then you close the android support. One even faster is to install the mentioned here: Android™ App Support Top Menu Switch - #9 by PeperJohnny , which can stop android support with one click from top menu.


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same here… Nokia N9 then the pure view 909 and pureview 808… and I agree with you on all points… just wished it work…

Thanks …I will.look.into this

I did a few tests with my Sony X Compact with newest Sailfish OS over night.

When leaving Android-Support on, it takes 1,4%/h, when disable it 1,1%/h within 9h.

Test Conditions:

Situations-App switching automatically to

  • Powersavemode on
  • WLAN Connected
  • Bluetooth on and connected to Amazfit GTS Smartwatch
  • Usage-App running for measureing this

So 0,3%/h seems not really worth it turning it off.