Alarms: Show enabled alarms and timers on lock screen

I use alarms / timers for three purposes:

  • Waking up
  • Cooking food
  • Working out

In each case it would be a tremendous help to see the name and remaining time of an alarm / timer on the lock screen. If I’m not mistaken, this kind of feature is pretty standard in other mobile OSes. Here is a picture to illustrate how much unused screen space there is in the lock screen currently. With playback control buttons there is still a lot of space for showing other useful information to the user.

Picture taken from the official documentation.

I do understand this is a low priority for Jolla, so I would be curious to know, if this is something that community could help with. And more importantly, I would like to know if other users would find this kind of feature useful.


Good idea. This should be archiveable by a patch.


Very nice idea.
However, the bug with the non-ringing alarm should be solved asap…as it is still happening with…

Does anyone know where the alarms are stored?

Are you looking for timedclient-qt5 stuff?

Seems they are stored in /home/defaultuser/.timed/events.dat.


Interface over DBus via something like:

 busctl introspect /com/nokia/time

which gives

NAME                                TYPE      SIGNATURE                                                       RESULT/VALUE                             FLAGS                      interface -                                                               -                                        -
.add_event                          method    (iuuuuus(a{ss})ua((a{ss})u)a(u(a{ss})a(sb))a(tuuuuu)iia(sb))    u                                        -
.add_events                         method    (a(iuuuuus(a{ss})ua((a{ss})u)a(u(a{ss})a(sb))a(tuuuuu)iia(sb))) av                                       -
.alarms_enabled                     method    -                                                               b                                        -
.cancel                             method    u                                                               b                                        -
.cancel_events                      method    au                                                              au                                       -
.dialog_response                    method    ui                                                              b                                        -
.dismiss                            method    u                                                               b                                        -
.enable_alarms                      method    b                                                               -                                        -
.fake_csd_time_signal               method    sssiiiii                                                        b                                        -
.fake_csd_time_signal_now           method    sssiii                                                          b                                        -
.fake_nitz_signal                   method    iiii                                                            b                                        -
.fake_operator_signal               method    sss                                                             b                                        -
.get_alarm_present                  method    -                                                               b                                        -
.get_alarm_triggers                 method    -                                                               a{uu}                                    -
.get_app_snooze                     method    s                                                               i                                        -
.get_attributes_by_cookie           method    u                                                               a{ss}                                    -
.get_attributes_by_cookies          method    au                                                              a{ua{ss}}                                -
.get_cookies_by_attributes          method    a{ss}                                                           au                                       -
.get_default_snooze                 method    -                                                               i                                        -
.get_event                          method    u                                                               (iuuuuus(a{ss})ua((a{ss})u)a(u(a{ss})a(sb))a(tuuuuu)iia(sb)) -
.get_events                         method    au                                                              (a(iuuuuus(a{ss})ua((a{ss})u)a(u(a{ss})a(sb))a(tuuuuu)iia(sb))) -
.get_wall_clock_info                method    -                                                               (bbbba(iu)asaiai(iu)ssisbs)              -
.halt                               method    s                                                               -                                        -
.mode                               method    s                                                               b                                        -
.parse                              method    s                                                               s                                        -
.pid                                method    -                                                               i                                        -
.ping                               method    -                                                               s                                        -
.query                              method    a{sv}                                                           av                                       -
.query_attributes                   method    u                                                               a{sv}                                    -
.remove_app_snooze                  method    s                                                               -                                        -
.replace_event                      method    (iuuuuus(a{ss})ua((a{ss})u)a(u(a{ss})a(sb))a(tuuuuu)iia(sb))u   u                                        -
.set_app_snooze                     method    si                                                              b                                        -
.set_default_snooze                 method    i                                                               b                                        -
.wall_clock_settings                method    (u(iu)is)                                                       b                                        -
.alarm_present_changed              signal    b                                                               -                                        -
.alarm_triggers_changed             signal    a{uu}                                                           -                                        -
.next_bootup_event                  signal    ii                                                              -                                        -
.settings_changed                   signal    (bbbba(iu)asaiai(iu)ssisbs)b                                    -                                        -
.settings_changed_1                 signal    b                                                               -                                        -
org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable interface -                                                               -                                        -
.Introspect                         method    -                                                               s                                        -
org.freedesktop.DBus.Peer           interface -                                                               -                                        -
.GetMachineId                       method    -                                                               s                                        -
.Ping                               method    -                                                               -                                        -
org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties     interface -                                                               -                                        -
.Get                                method    ss                                                              v                                        -
.GetAll                             method    s                                                               a{sv}                                    -
.Set                                method    ssv                                                             -                                        -
.PropertiesChanged                  signal    sa{sv}as                                                        -                                        -


Definitely be useful for cooking! Not like you want to fingerprint confirm when you’re fingers are covered in bread dough (butter, ghee, egg, etc).