Alarm clock: How to dismiss a snoozed alarm

How a snoozed alarm could be set to off? For example, the alarm is allowed to be snoozed 10 minutes. Snooze it once and after two minutes you are waking up. After 8 minutes the alarm will be ON? If I want to put the snoozed alarm off, how do I do it?


Just open Clock app and turn off alarm


Thank you!
I am aware of this method, but I wondered if I can dismiss the snoozed alarm some other way, so that for a recurring alarm I will not forget to re-enable it.

Thank you again!

You can re-enable it immediately. Snooze status is reset when it is disabled.


The alarm behavior could be better with example a sticky notification from the clock:

  • Upcoming alarm - dismiss to turn off

Or something similar. This way, when you snooze and wake up before the next alarm cycle is completed, you can dismiss the alarm without turning it off from the clock app.