Alarm clock: adjustable vibration level and alarm volume

I’ve been using my phone as my primary alarm clock for years now. When I upgraded from Xperia X to 10 II, I noticed that the vibration on the 10 II is much louder than before. As the alarm chime (sound) starts soft, I often found myself waking up to the loud noise of the phone vibrating on the desk BEFORE the alarm chime gets anywhere loud enough to wake me up.

Due to some unwanted morning calls, I’ve now been keeping ringtone and vibration off until I left for work. Setting the vibration off, also disables it from the alarms. Could it be a separate setting in the alarm clock? Also due to it’s loudness, could the alarm clock support different waveforms or levels or vibration, to let the user adjust it?

Also I’d like to adjust the alarm chime’s volume separately from the ringtone volume (per alarm, too).


There is this patch:

But yes, it would be nice if Jolla implemented such a function :slight_smile:

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Set vibration" only when sound enabled". If you mute phone, alarm starts without vibration. Checked a minute ago.