Aigo tablet bootloop after update

Hello all,

I have an Aigo tablet on which someone (not me) had installed SFOS. Now a long time ago an update went wrong (I can’t remember which one) and now I can’t boot the tablet. (The classic error: screen goes black during update and then restarts…). It now switches between the Jolla splash screen and the other screen. What works: I can boot into recovery (?) with Power+Volume down. I can then also connect from the recovery via telnet.
But then I do not get anywhere. When I select the shell, I get the following output:

The factory reset also failed.

Selecting “sshd” results:

But what do I do then?

File system check showed some errors and reported that they were corrected.
What else can I do? Completely reflash? If so: how do I do that and where do I get an image?

If the topic has been covered here or at before (and I just haven’t found it) I would of course appreciate a link.

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You need to reflash them with Intel Flash Tools and Tablet Firmware. This procedure is defacto illegal, because you flash copyrighted Jolla Tablet Image on Aigo X86 Tablet. Therefore i cant post the files in public, but if you search - you will find it.

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That’s what I was afraid of, that I’d shot it up so badly that I’d have to reflash. I also do not want to abuse the forum for illegal things.
So thanks for the (somewhat sad) information!

If you have any way to get files onto the device, you could try replacing that file, /usr/lib/ with the correct one (where to get that I don’t know).

Maybe a command like rpm -qf /usr/lib/ will show you which RPM that belongs to. If you get that RPM, put it on the device and install it.

But it is possible that that one is not the only corrupt file, and you have to replace much more.

As a start, you could look (in recovery) for 0-length files in /usr/lib and /bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, /usr/sbin.

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Did you buy the device at jolladevices!? If yes, maybe you can ask Giovanni, the guy flashing and selling the devices. Probably you installed a not compatible systemupdate. I also did this once, when i bought one of his devices. He might be able to help you reset the device :slight_smile: He is really helpfull

As i know, there are no “not compatible software updates”
All SW-Updates offered via System update - are compatible.

Aigo x86 as Jolla Tablet have a bug, that during the Software Updates the screen is going black but the update is running in the background. Many users switch the tablet off during the software update is installed and this causes the boot loop.

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IIRC the actual Jolla Tablet (and presumably Aigo) has a borked update somewhere in the 3.x that for some reason only work when installed from the terminal and not the GUI.


Unfortunately I can’t install the developer mode (I’m logged in with my account, but nothing can be downloaded from the store and the developer mode refuses to install the necessary things), so I probably haven’t arrived there yet… But since my lock code is not accepted anyway, I do not have to worry about it anyway but first about how I get back into the tablet, which runs rudimentary again for now.