AI rush to market

Looks like first-to-market-features-later is getting some pushback:

In light of new AI device by Jollyboys in like 3 weeks, doesn’t look that good
Edit: then again

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Nice catch! :+1:
plus chars…

People were writing kinda absurd articles like:
After his previous AI product review, so seems really relevant to what Jolla is about to pull, but who knows, that last one had a revolutionary mini-projector and some cool looking but not really usable 3D UI too, maybe with >24h battery life and some polish. Still both products seem to have same: wait 30s for ‘as an AI model’ monologue syndrome, even when having a screen to display instantly (edit: whether result is gibberish or not, that’s an unsolvable problem with the whole AI)

We’ve already seen someone that pulled the apk by the way and had the “rabbit” running on the phone.

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