After reflash few android apps crash. Earlier they worked

After reflashing the phone and reinstalling, a few apps don’t work anymore. They install, but when you start them, they don’t start, they crash immediately. This is Tallink Silja app and Wasa line app. I use opengapps script. Weird thing. Does anyone else have something similar? Xperia 10 III

I had the same issue with element
With gresh install application fail

See this post : Can not run android apps that use realm (e.g. Element) after updating to 4.5

No help for me. How this is possible

It’s frustrating when not all applications work now. Even when summer is coming and you should use those few applications to book ferries… Now I installed the version, which I then updated online to Those applications still don’t work. Otherwise the phone works fine.

Can you list apps that do not work and collect logs when they crash? Testing Advice | Sailfish OS Documentation

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Tallink & Silja line, Wasaline, Scandic hotels, Keskipohjanmaa.

When I type devel-su appsupport-attach /system/bin/logcat and password I can’t se any logs…

Actually I don’t know how to do it. The screen scrols on and on…

Those are the current logs (they are updating as things are happening) You can write them to a file by appending >filename.log to the command and then inspect the file for errors.

I usually do it like this:

  1. Provoke error: e.g. App crash
  2. Save logs to file
  3. Later transfer them to a pc and look for useful information

(btw you can abort commands by pressing ctrl+c)

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Reflashed for the second time and the applications in question still do not work. I don’t know how to do that with which to save the log. It’s amazing that it can happen that applications no longer work after reflashing.

Did you rerun the opengapps script? You need to do that for gapps to work again after most updates (the super minor ones didn’t need it but 4.4 → 4.5 definitely needed that)
Edit: and for whatever that’s worth I used the same script (og one that was supposedly for aosp 10) for my updates even though people posted newer versions and that kept my gapp-required apps working so ymmv

Yes of course I did. Well I used new script made by CosmicStars. Could it be reason not to work?

Maybe try microg then

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To add to this googol has been recently fighting with aurora and the download link for gapps is:

        # Show the Open GApps download page to the user instead of automating
        # the download of the latest version.
        log "Opening Open GApps download page"
        runuser -l defaultuser -- /usr/bin/xdg-open "$OPENGAPPS_ARCH&api=$OPENGAPPS_API&variant=$OPENGAPPS_VARIANT"
        log "Waiting for download to start"

It’s not a static url to a specific zip file, so maybe latest version has some anti-aurora bits, do you have the old zip by any chance? Could try with that tweaking the script a bit if microg fails, but looks like 4.6/5.0 of sfos will be sadly interesting

Try the OG one, it’s just another factor that could impact end result (some sfos breakage with latest 11 api, then again people would already report it, most likely the aurora shenanigans)

OG one… What is that?

The original gangsta one, the old one

I don’t have it anymore

It’s still out there in this forum, but if it’s actually googol changing things it most likely also going to result in downloading aurora-proof version, getting that gapps-pico zip from few months ago is probably the way (can’t really help you with that atm tho)

Ok I’ll try to do something…