Advanced Camera - Q: How can I force AC to save photos and videos to the SD-card?

SFOS - Xperia 10 and Volla phone

Advanced Camera app saves photos to ~/Pictures/AdvancedCam and video recordings to ~/Videos/AdvancedCam and works now very fine. Thank you @piggz ! But I can’t find any option to change the storage volume to SD card. I would strongly prefer this because of the larger memory on SD card.

Is there any way to change storage volume from the current directory to some ‘Videos’ + ‘Photos’ folder on the SD card? (…tweak some config file?)

You can use this icon to select storage (home directory or sd card)

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I don’t have this icon! I only have the toothed wheel, flash, AWB, resolution grid, A, and the square with diagonale (on Volla). On Sony there is additional the magic wand, but nowhere the memory card icon!
edit: in both landscape and portrait orientation.

App version is 0.9.7-1.3.2 from Chum and it says there is no newer version available, on both Volla and Sony.

Can you provide output of
ls -alh /media/sdcard/
from your phone please?

Look to code of StorageModel for more details…

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ls -alh /media/sdcard/:
ls: /media/sdcard/: No such file or directory
[defaultuser@VollaPhone ~]$

The ‘media’ directory is empty, on both Volla and Sony.
Searched by hand and found the SD card in

Can I replace ’ scan("/media/sdcard"); ’ in line 14 of the file ’ storagemodel.cpp’ with the real path?
Where is the file ’ storagemodel.cpp’?

Simply create sdcard in /media/ as a symbolic link to /run/media/defaultuser/1C47-xxxx/

ln -s /run/media/defaultuser/1C47-xxxx /media/sdcard

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Yes, you can use symlink as workaround. Proper fix may look like this: improve SD card mount point detection by Karry · Pull Request #134 · piggz/harbour-advanced-camera · GitHub

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The SD card icon appeared in Advanced Camera’s menu and I can now store photos on the selected folder on SD card.

BUT unfortunately the not working video recording and app crash after stopping recording is back - on both internal storage and SD card! GUI restart didn’t help.

edit: After a full reboot of the phone (power off - power on) it’s now OK, SD card icon present, photos and videos stored on SD card, no crash. Thank you very very much!