Adjust minimum brightness sony 10 II 4.4.068

For starters: im not a linux power user.
The minimum brightness is to high. Is there a way to set this lower?

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There is Nightish which helps some (but can also mess up the gamma making blacks distort).


Thanks for your input. I already use nightish. This is not an optimal solution.

Unless you can somehow affect the driver and somehow make the backlight darker, which is really unlikely to he possible, all you can do is affect the gamma.
So Nightish is the best thing you can do, on desktop Linux if you use X server you could use xrandr. But SFOS uses wayland, so it is much harder, and there is no universal way to change that, it has to be specific to the compositor. So I am not even aware of any other way to change it than nightish.

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With my other android devices the brightness is much lower. Possible to send this to the Jolla team?

The real question is the brightness of 10 II stock is lower, or the AOSP source, that is all that matters. If stock can get darker than AOSP, then maybe it can get fixed, but that is a Sony issue. Then maybe SFOS is brighter than AOSP, I deem that very unlikely, onpy this is a problem with SFOS.
I looked at the driver, granted I am not too experienced in that, and with the minimum brightness the OS simply sends “0” brightness to the display driver. There unless there is a bug and other OS on the 10 II can get darker, it is the limitation of the hardware, or the display firmware.

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It could also be the ambient light sensor going haywire or something. However, I agree that this minimum brightness “too high” is rather subjective and should dig down to the real question as you pointed out. For instance, I haven’t experienced any “too high” brightness with my Xperia 10 II, and I have the brightness set to minimum in normal use.

In addition, Xperia 10 II has OLED screen so you can’t really affect on backlight since it doesn’t have one, but of course there’s some control for the individual leds on the screen.

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I realise this is an old question and I also understand that there is possibly no solution, but…in Settings/Display, we can adjust screen brightness automatically and adjust the brightness base level.

By turning off Adjust brightness automatically and sliding the Brightness base level slider to far left, we can get a general lower brightness.