Adding my own root certificate to sailfish os


I would like to add a self created ca certificate as another root authority in sailfish. With debian/ubuntu there are ways to do something like this via update-ca-authority.

I couldn’t find anything similar for sailfish os.

Does anybody have an idea how to do this?

Thanks in advance,

you have to remember that update-ca-authority is available only in Debian (.deb) based distro.

SailfishOS is .rpm distro so you should look for tutotial for Fedora for example.

Might this help?;

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I am on bad internet right now, but the link below while intended for somerhing else should have the relevant information:

Copy your crt file to:


and execute (as root):


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@leon : great! that worked, my certificate now shows up in the list of trusted certs. thanks a lot!