Add Virtual suggestions bar to Predictive input for physical keyboard

I see adam pigg and peperjonny are porting Sailfish OS to Pinetab and it supports bouetooth keyboard well. However Jolla’s predictive IME dose not support bluetooth keyboard so we can’t input languages except English.
I have a idea for it.You can add a suggestion bar to for Jolla’s predictive IME.
Refer to Nokia E7 or blackberry.
My idea:When we press keys,there would occur a long bar on the bottom of the screen to display all kinds of suggestion.And then we can press F1 F2 F3 F4 F5…or number keys to choose the words or sentences that we want to input.
For example after I input"a"and"n"keys on the bluetooth keyboard,there would occur a virtual suggestion bar on the bottom of the screen to tell me suggestions.Then I watch the bar and choose the suggestion that I want to input with F series keys or number keys on the bouetooth keyboard.


Please ignore my bad handwritings.:sweat_smile:


Reminds me of the Swype Keyboard for Android…
You know that you can switch the bluetooth keyboard layout with the command line, right?

But you still can’t input some languages like Chinese.

Agreed! Sure,sometimes this would come in handy. :slight_smile: