Add Tasks/To Do Synchronisation to MS-Exchange Synchronisation

Currently the Sailfish implementation of Exchange Synchronisation provides for synchronisation of email, calendar and contacts - three out of the four productivity tools provided for by MS Outlook.

Synchronisation of Outlook Tasks or To-Do’s is not provided for.

Outlook Tasks/To-do’s are highly integrated with the other components (e.g. where tasks can be assigned to contacts in your contact (people in Sailfish) list, emailed to that contact for action/acceptance and reminders for that task placed in the calendar) and an essential part of the Office365 experience and functionality for anybody who uses Office 365 for business.

Currently Sailfish does not provide for this functionality and if a Sailfish user is emailed a task or To-Do from another Office365 user, or assigned a task, then he/she will be unaware of this because there is no functionality within Sailfish to recognise or support this.

Similarly the person assigning the task or To-Do to the Sailfish user will be unaware that that user has not received the task.

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