Add dedicated number keys row on virtual keyboard

The virtual keyboard hasn’t really changed since Jolla 1 phone.

To select numbers, we have to switch to alphanumeric mode before reaching them. It is a bit painful especially for passwords or some messages because those characters are often used in this context.

A lot of Android devices provide those characters in a dedicated line on top of the virtual keyboard, just below suggestion bar. It is more convenient to use them from my point of view, and recent devices have a bigger screen so it wouldn’t reduce too much the size of the displayed application.

Eventually, it can be enabled via a setting.


agree! Especially on x10
Should probably be configurable otob

You can use my keyboard layouts :
There is one layout with the default English/French/German + a number row (and more interesting layouts too).

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Nice to know, as a workaround. Thank you.

But I’m confident this feature can be provided by default, it is not a big effort and the benefits is real. :slight_smile:

Yes, hopefully. There are many interesting improvements to add to the default keyboard (swipe feature, themeing, resizing, more languages, etc.).

@orangecat You can have multiple languages: in Settings / text input you can select Languages, then you have a list with the language keyboards you can select. When you use use the keyboard swipe the keyboard to the left or right to select another language.(user guide - language and time)

I know but not all languages as in Android. For instance, Arabic isn’t available hence my own layouts.