Add Azerbaijani language

Hi there. I am ready to start translating Sailfish OS to Azerbaijani language. Sadly we don’t have any community yet, and I’m only person who needs Azerbaijani.

Also would like to be coordinator.

Thank you.


ping @flypig or @sledges. They can help you.

do I have to ping them again since you did it already?

No, it’s fine. One of them will add Azerbaijani to If you didn’t, you can read this documentation about translation.

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Thank you for helping! :slightly_smiling_face:


Out of curiosity: which one? I know the language is largely the same but spelling is … well, different.

Well, I don’t know any other except one I speak, the bookish one.

It’s same as if you asked if somebody started translating into Welsh accent of English.

It’s great that you’re interested to do this @Khazarli. I have to defer to @sledges to actually help you with the process though, since he’s our localisation guru (amongst other things).

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Sorry, my question was too vague. I meant: Azerbaijani as written in Azerbaijan or as written in the northern district of its southern neighbor country? The language indeed is the same and reasonably homogenous.

Oh, got you now.

Yeah, I meant Azerbaijani as written in Azerbaijan. I know that southern Azerbaijanis use Arabic script, but sadly I don’t know southern Azerbaijani language.
Also Sailfish OS still doesn’t support right to left oficially, so it would be hard to do both types of Azerbaijani.
Maybe I would do Cyrillic Azerbaijani, but I’m not so good in it, and nodoby except elder people use it.

Thank you for stepping forth @Khazarli!

Language added: Azerbaijani community | Sailfish OS Localisation You are the coordinator.

Any questions, just ask:)


Thank you a lot! Gonna start now :slightly_smiling_face:


So… I want to try out translations I’ve made, is it possible to assembly a translation pack?
It’s done only for 50%

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Great! You can build the pack through Sailfish SDK by adding Azerbaijani like so: Update .ts list and add Latvian by sledges · Pull Request #18 · martonmiklos/unofficial-jolla-translation · GitHub

If you can’t build it yourself, perhaps you could ping @martonmiklos & friends to do that for you.