Adapt App Grid to design philosophy of Xperia 10

Sony’s Xperia 10-series phones have a 21:9 (Yes, I know, that can be reduced to 7:3 :wink:) aspect ratio, so you can have a big screen and hold your device safely in one hand anyway.

I wonder if Sailfish X for those devices could support this concept by placing icons in the App Grid starting from the bottom instead of from the top?
That would help users who don’t have a lot of apps installed accessing those with their thumbs while holding the phone in one hand.

Or as an alternative: The App Grid could slide up just far enough to show all installed apps, when activated.

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In the last update Jolla introduced sticky grid. So you can reach every app from app grid now.


Wow, that was quick! :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the reply.

Maybe I’m too clumsy :wink: but I find it hard to make the App Grid stop where I want it to. Maybe the “sliding up to show all apps” on single tap would be a nice addition to sticky grid?

On my Jolla C sticky grid works perfectly. I can stop it where I want.

Okay. Well, maybe I need someone to come and teach me… :wink: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This is how it looks for me.
In my opinion it works perfectly.

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When I slide the App Grid up on the Xperia 10 II, I can do it up to the 3rd row, but after that, it slides all the way up, the moment I lift my finger off the screen.
I wonder if it’s just me or someone with a 10 II can confirm the effect.

All of this aside, I think making the App Grid stop sliding when all apps are visible on short swipe would still be good idea, because there are situations when controlling it using Sticky Grid is difficult, for instance when sitting in a moving bus.

Anyway, thanks for your effort! :+1:

Also, not mentioned, the app drawer handle changes color when drawer becomes ‘stuck’, this should be helpful to get the hang of the process.


As Edz said, just hold it in place for a little moment before lifting your finger.
It’s a pity however that it doesn’t work for the second page of the icons.

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I tried that and it didn’t work. Do you have an Experia 10 II?

It works for me on the X10II, and it works on folders too :slight_smile:


I see. Thanks for the info.

I have realised that certain ambience themes may prevent users from seeing the app drawer handle changing color.

For example, there is a ‘white on black’ theme on Openrepos, this particular ambience does not show the handle changing color but the drawer still ‘sticks’ as it should.