Actual content of /etc/connman/main.conf

I wiped /etc/connman/main.conf on my Xperia 10 III, and can’t reflesh it right now.

  • Can someone show that content?

cat /etc/connman/main.conf

  • Where can i find this file myself?


Can someone show that content?


FallbackTimeservers =,,2.,
NetworkInterfaceBlacklist = p2p,usb,rmnet,rev_rmnet
SingleConnectedTechnology = false
Ipv4StatusUrl =
Ipv6StatusUrl =
PreferredTechnologies = bluetooth,ethernet,wifi,cellular
DefaultAutoConnectTechnologies = ethernet
PersistentTetheringMode = false
AllowHostnameUpdates = false
TetheringSubnetBlock =
DontBringDownAtStartup = rndis
InputRequestTimeout = 300
# ConnMan will create dir "connman", no need to define here.
StorageRoot = /home/.system/var/lib

# In case uevent for rndis0 does not contain DEVTYPE=gadget
FallbackDeviceTypes = rndis0:gadget

# Enable login manager for multiuser environment. This enables systemd login
EnableLoginManager = true

# Use timed localtime path
Localtime = /var/lib/timed/localtime

# Enable regdomain changes with timezone changes
RegdomFollowsTimezone = true
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mkdir /tmp/foo
cd /tmp/foo
# download the package
pkcon download /tmp/foo connman-configs-sailfish
# unpack the package here
rpm2cpio connman-configs-sailfish*rpm | cpio - id
# show what has been unpacked
ls -lR /tmp/foo