Access Jolla1 phone with broken display

Is it possible to access a Jolla 1 phone with broken display. Broden means really broken (The phone dropped to the ground). The screen was working for some hours even after the drop. But than refused to show anything.

  • ssh access to the phone would be cool.

  • developer mode is active, but remote connection might be temporary switched off.

  • os is uptodate or before the last update

cheers bernd

Try recovery yet?..

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As pointed out by Levone1 you get “shell” option in Recovery mode?

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Or try with USB and ping
if your USB connection setting was set to ‘developer mode’ (something I learned the hard way as well).
But I guess the recovery shell will be your friend.

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Would you be interesred in buying a Jolla 1 phone, for let’s say 40 EUR? Is in good shape, only one small scratch on the display. Not used for some time, was a spare device. From Germany

If it is really in a good shape I would buy it

Just as a souvenir. My one is not worth to keep because it is worn. I have a N9 and N900 in very good already.

Buying it just as a souvenir would probably be a waste of ressources? How to proceed now?

Anyone interested in an used Jolla1 (in good shape)?

I still would like to buy the jolla1. cheers bernd

As I said I would like to by the phone. Is it still available?

cheers bernd