About the OBDFish app

Can someone recommend a suitable OBD reader for this app?
I have a 2010 Opel Vivaro CDTI, I want to be able to fix myself, and found the OBD reader market a jungle.
One requirement is that it should be able to clear the service warning light.

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Had you seen the updated build:

Maybe @explit has some tips?

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I have been using OBDFish together with an Bluetooth Fehlercode Leser Autool OBD Scanner C1 V1.5 für ElM327 für Drehmoment Android OBDII OBD 2 Auto Scan Tool OBD-II Engine Fehler Diagnose Code to analyse and also to reset error codes on my 2003 Toyota Avensis Verso. The product link from my Amazon purchase history doesn’t work anymore, sorry.

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Yes, thank you. I got the latest build and also a recommendation from @explit, but I can’t find info about the ability to clear error codes.
I hate paying hundreds of euro just to make an oil change, and clear that error light. :wink:


Thanks, I’ll try to find it.

Usually clearing the Service Interval can be done through a combination of Cluster Instruments buttons. On a first search I’ve found this: https://enginepartsdiagram.com/vauxhall-vivaro-oil-service-light-reset/
Maybe it help.


Thanks a lot! Gold star :star2:! My google fu have never been that good.

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I use https://www.startpage.com/ (but it is google engine)

So do I. Apparently it doesn’t help much. :wink:

Well, I ended up buying the one recommended by @explit (I think). It was inexpensive, so I won’t mind to much if I have to buy another one. We’ll see in a couple of days. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks all!

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You guys should often mention /me, so i can look in the repo and click some merge requests… :slight_smile:

0.94-2 (Github)

0.94-2 (OpenRepos)


Some time ago I made a PR for Swedish translation at the original jdrescher repo, should I do the same at your fork?

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Contributions are always welcome!
This is how FOSS works.


I’m trying to use this one (“kungfuren OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter”) with a car.

I can get it working with Car Scanner from Goolge Play with another Smartphone I had laying around. It’s advertised as OBD2 ELM327 within the app. It’s although on the package listed as ELM327.

Nevertheless I can’t get it working within OBDFish from you @explit. Is there some debugging stuff I can do? It’s just saying: “Error: unknown adapter. This is no ELM327 device!”

Anything I can do?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @yajo10 Since i am not a developer of this software (i have only recompiled it for i486 and aarch64), i really can"t help you with debugging.

All this adapters are sold as ELM327, but not all have the same chipset and working with OBDFish.
The adapters, which i got working, were the cheapest:

Blue transculent (Version 1.5) works very good
Big Black is also working good.


The cheapest are the simplest and they work just fine. Expensive ELM327 are different, maybe trimmed for better software, but they don’t work reliable with FOSS Linux stuff

I bought one of those, but can’t make it work. I tried both OBDFish on Sailfish and the most popular app on my android phone. The adapter is found and paired, but “Unknown connection error” is all I get.

Well, this is something weird. Even if the adapter is not found on the android phone, i would mean - something is not ok with the adapter. I have also bought 3 different adapters, until i found one, which works ok. Try different android apps on an Android phone (Not SailfishOS). Can they found the adapter?

Yes, all my phones (Sailfish and android) and different apps found the adapter. Currently Jolla C is my only working Sailfish unit, waiting for the Xperia 10 lll, but I don’t think that is an issue.
Guess I have to buy another adapter to try.

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Thank you very much for your detailled reply. So I will order a different one from your list. That’s very helpful :relaxed:!

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