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For me, one of the most important things about an operating system is the user experience, that’s why I love my sailfish os phone and its one-handed control system, my congratulations to all the designers and developers, with the phone in my hand ( xa2 ultra) basically my finger has control of the lower half of the screen and more limitedly of the upper half, when I press on the desktop background the system shows me the first line of 4 icons, a great way to open the most distant applications from my finger, maybe it would be a good idea to be able to somehow access the first 3 rows of applications from the lower half, and the same idea when you go to the second page of applications, the applications of the upper half are not accessible comfortably with one hand would be interesting to be able to swipe only half screen with a short swipe


I haven’t looked much into the first issue, but as for app drawer, it’s easily hacked by modifying launcher.qml file, changing “snap mode” references to “noSnap” and changing “highlight range mode” references to “noHighlightRange”. Then the launcher scrolls freely, without jumping pages. You could just make sure none of your most-used apps are on the top of the first page, by moving them in launcher mode. I would guess you could do something similar to get the top row pop-up to show more rows…

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Found it - To change how many rows show up when launcher hint activates, modify launcherLayer.qml, where it says “hintHeight: Theme.iconSizeLauncher * 2”, and change th 2 to 3 or 4 or whatever …

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Yes and yes, tank you very much, I believe that the one-handed control mode is designed with a small screen phone in mind, and these changes greatly improve the user experience on large screen phones, free scrolling, I find it more useful than page scrolling, even less elegant, the half page scrolling, I think it would still be a faster way to go to the desired application, because you could practically access the application without looking at the screen, anyway I appreciate very much your answer.