About close application gesture

For me, one of the most important things about an operating system is the user experience, that is why I love my sailfish os phone and its one-handed control system, my congratulations to all the designers and developers, with the phone in my hand ( xa2 ultra) basically my finger has control of the lower half of the screen and more limitedly of the upper half, that is why I do not understand the gesture of closing an application by sliding from the upper corners, my finger does not reach that part comfortably It would be more comfortable for me to slide from the side and to the bottom. What do you think about this? Is the gesture to close an application really comfortable for you in your device?


L shape swipe I remember proposing years ago. Sadly never implemented.

I would like to be able to close apps from the bottom the same way I do from the top: swiping in the middle gives me the top menu (or from the bottom, the app grid), swiping at the edges (from top or bottom) closes the app.

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no home carousel patch ist the best at the moment: swipe from right to minimize, then again on cover to close app

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The problem is the HW you use not the SW itself.

Exactly, that is the problem when using “big” phones. With Jolla 1/Xperia X/XA2 it is not a problem at all. However, for XA2 Ultra or Xperia 10 this is a usability issue.

I have already expressed in repeated occasions in other posts, that smaller phones should be supported. Not everyone wants a surfboard.

That would be great as an option. I woukd use it, or would use the patch if somebody would make it.