Ability to start with a new private tab in browser when no tabs are open, open with the last tab config

All concerning the newest changes introduced to the browser in Verla.

  1. When we first open the browser that has no active or stored tabs before a private tab can be opened, any “regular” non-private tab has to be opened first. I request that we be able to start by choosing the private tab mode right away.

  2. In Kvarken we could be doing private browsing and upong closing and re-opening the browser, it would go right back to the private mode. Not anymore, as it now falls back to regular browsing. I’d like the browser to remember that I was browsing in private the last time and start in a privacy mode if that was the case.


I was in the process requesting exactly this. I can just second that! :wink:

Yes, I second both of these requests as well!
Why did they make private browsing so hard in Verla?