A visible symbol when call diversion is enabled

I would like to have a visible symbol somewhere on the top of the screen when the call diversion is enabled similar to android.

I have to use call diversion quite often and sometimes I have simply forgotten to disable it because there is no indication whether it is enabled or not other than not receiving any calls. Also sometimes the disabling itself just fails after trying without giving any clear error messages (a bug?).

Related to the issue, I would like to have a possibility to make a quick link to a call diversion number and another one to disable it. This was already discussed earlier in another thread and it was possible to make a quick link to a “normal” phone number but not to the special ones with *- or #-symbols required in call diversion.


I full agree @kulta . and additional to this, on the dialing keyboard screen of the phone app there is huge free and unused area. it would be really fine to have here control buttons and status displays for not only call division but also for call waiting service, voice mail, for controlling the voice box …

Another fine thing would be a real answering machine that completely runs on the phone, that picks up after x rings, plays a message and then records message for either 30 sec. or VOX controlled, like good old answering machines from the 80’s.

Why this ?

  1. for not to torture the caller with voice menus like ‘push 1 to leave a message push 2 to send a sms push 3 for god knows what…’

  2. to be able to set the answering machine to a higher number of rings before it takes the call, so that human being has a chance to take the call and not always has to call back after missing the 2 ringtones or 15 or 20 seconds,

  3. for easier listening to the callers msg’s without having to roam around in the network operator’s voice menus and immediately option to call back or sms back.


Hmmmm, to comment on one of your ideas; please note the date of the thread;


Answering machine is a great idea.
It could also auto-answer SMSes.
And the graphics would be a good old tape rolling! :yum:

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@Edz sorry, did not search the old forum before posting, but I’m happy that I’m not the only one with this idea.

Q: can this be realized as a background service / daemon that watches the telephone activity plus a ‘normal’ Sailfish app as UI for the user to control it, or has this to be deeply integrated into the system core? In other words, can this be made by writing an app or only by Jolla in far future or never?

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No worries, no need for apologies, as that was from the original Jolla forum. I remember this as one of 3 comments belongs to me, re: Samsung T100 flip phone. :slight_smile: